Upcoming research on the financialisation and marketisation of nature

Upcoming research on the financialisation and marketisation of nature

Over the next three weeks LCSV will be exploring synergies between a group of organisations conducting research and activism in environmental governance. In particular we will discuss current global processes of the financialisation and marketisation of nature with our partners and close associates, with a view to enhancing our current research, and building new programmes to generate knowledge, advocacy and interventions to build environmental and economic justice.

John O’Neill, Director of Manchester University’s Political Economy Institute (PEI, with which LCSV directors Sarah Bracking and Phil Woodhouse are also associated) and our Honorary Director and Chair of LCSV’s steering group will convene a set of meetings to bring together some influential interested parties. This process has been given added impetus by the current visit to Manchester, as Hallsworth Fellows within the PEI, of Nick Hildyard and Larry Lohmann of the Corner House. We are already appreciative of collaboration with the Corner House and Nick and Larry, who facilitate the work of our Doctoral Researcher Robert Watt during UNFCCC Conferences of the Parties.

John O’Neill, members of the LCSV and PEI, Nick Hildyard and Larry Lohmann,  Ivonne Yanez of Accion Ecologica in Ecuador and Antonio Tricarico and Elena Gerebizza from Re:Common will discuss current and future collaborations on the issue of financialisation. We are looking to the precedent of the RE:Common and EU-funded Environmental Justice programme to provide inspiration for the co-working of activists and academics in engaging with current valuation processes in environmental governance.

Image: Michael Dorsey