LCSV launches Working Paper series

LCSV launches Working Paper series

LCSV is pleased to announce the launch of its working paper series with the first two papers in the series available now for download.

By fostering the rapid distribution of research findings and work in progress by our researchers, post-graduate students and associates, the LCSV Working Paper Series aims to open up discussions among the global community of scholars, policy-makers and practitioners on pressing issues concerning value and valuation practices in new and emerging social and environmental contexts. The first two papers released in the series each provide important foundational details of our collective research project, ‘Human, non-human and environmental value systems: an impossible frontier?’, with the first sharing and discussing our initial research design, and the second providing a conceptual map for the study of value.

Upcoming papers in the series will feature a combination of theoretical and empirical pieces on value and valuation in relation to our case studies. The former will include, among others, forthcoming papers by Professors Sian Sullivan and James J Igoe on ‘the natural capital myth’ and the role of spectacle in valuation systems, respectively, while the latter will include an array of papers from our team members and associates reporting on early research findings from the field.

New papers will be posted throughout the year on a rolling basis, so check back for new additions to the series. All LCSV Working Papers are available to download free of charge in PDF format on the the Publications page of this website.


(Image: from Figure 2 from LCSV Working Paper no. 2)