• Durban

    How do policy-makers compare the value of infrastructural development with that of social development? (Photo: John Connell)

  • Wind farm

    Will carbon markets change our climate future? (Photo: Natural England / Paul Glendell)

  • Tanzania HIV project

    Does the global health system value all human lives? (Photo: Olivier Dubuquoy / Doctors of the World)

  • biodiversity offsets

    Can we really save species through offsetting? (Photo: Gidzy)

  • Irrigation

    Who decides the value of land and water used in agricultural production? (Photo: Georgina Smith)

About us

At the Leverhulme Centre for the Study of Value (LCSV), we are dedicated to understanding how new and competing ways of valuing social and environmental harm and care present both challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

Research themes

Our research explores value in a variety of social and environmental contexts, from the valuation of human life and development in the public and private sectors to the values being created in new markets for carbon, biodiversity, land and water.


Founded in 2012 by Professor Sarah Bracking with the generous support of the Leverhulme Trust, LCSV supports an interdisciplinary and international team of researchers.


The LCSV Working Paper Series aims to foster the rapid distribution of research findings and work in progress by researchers, post-graduate students and associates of LCSV.